What clients are saying!

Meditation Classes:

"I have been attending Spark & Celebrate meditation classes, online and in-person, since January 2017. These classes have been very helpful in improving my sleeping habits. After spending 20 years in the military, I have grown accustomed to getting by with four to six hours of sleep a night. I now work the night shift and get two to four hours of sleep during the day. That would have been fine in my younger days, but not now that I’m older. In order to overcome this problem, I applied the meditation techniques that I have learned in the classes. These techniques allow my mind to clear up and disengage from work mode. Thank you Spark & Celebrate for teaching me to let things go." ~Enrique

"Attending meditation classes in person and online over the last several months has been absolutely wonderful for me. I find that I am more calm and focused when I meditate on a regular basis. Meditation also helps me sleep better at night, and feel more rested in the morning rather than grogy. Karmen does a wonderful job leading meditation classes. She creates great visuals for you to focus on as you meditate. I would highly recommend attending meditation classes from Karmen." ~Lonna

Co-Create Your Passionate Purpose 1:1:

"I met Karmen rather randomly and was instantly drawn to her energy. After learning about her journey and the services she offers, I have had the pleasure of experiencing a Chakra balancing and angel card reading. I also completed her 1:1 program.  Karmen has opened my mind to many wonderful, exciting and sometimes scary things about life and myself. I truly feel so much better and more optimistic about the path I’m on.  Karmen has given me the tools to weather the ups and downs we all face everyday. I have felt so much more peace in my life since I’ve started this journey. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow through Cocktails + Cosmos and meditation classes.  Thanks Karmen!" -

Angel Card Readings:

"I was scatterbrained trying to reel in all my ideas for making money with my hobbies. I was tired of working for other people and ready to be my own boss. I’m always trying to learn something new to be a better person. I feel we should all be trying to Level UP.

My Angel Card reading helped me see a clearer path to success. It helped me reel in these feelings of wanting to do everything right now, to focus on what’s most important. Hobbies are great to have, and I can always keep getting better at those.

My reading included my message from the Universe, “My VIBES speak louder than my words”. I am always trying to send out good vibes.

The messages from my Angels reminded me that I need to use my gifts, but now I study and be patient, because in 3 months I will be “flying high”.

I’m excited to watch for the Healing part. Karmen had me pick 12 cards for each month. I took notes and photo, maybe I’ll post updates in a blog.

Then I chose a card after asking my Angels a question, followed by a card that contained a message from them.

I enjoyed the time I spent getting this reading and chatting with Karmen. She’s so full of light and knowledge and I recommend everyone give it a try!" ~Angela

Energy Re-balance (aka Chakra Balancing):