Connecting communities and learning is the essence of Spark & Celebrate.
Empowering you to co-create an abundant, passionate purposeful life is my passion!

Empowering you to re-connect with your inner-Divine-self, your Angel guides and LISTEN. All the answers are within you! As you become more aware, you understand how the Angels are communicating with you, how the planetary alignments impact you, and how powerful you really are!

You re-ignite your passions and gifts given to you for a reason. This sparks your purpose of how to share these gifts with others! There's more to life than working, eating, sleeping, repeat.

You start reframing outdated and self destructing thought patterns you have learned from childhood and you step into living your life on purpose! Live life on your terms instead of someone else's story.

Your soul chose this body, this family, this lifetime for a reason; and God gave you gifts and talents to share with others. It's time you stepped into your calling.

A few modalities include:

  • Meditation
  • Energy re-balancing (aka chakra balance)
  • Connecting with Angel Guides
  • Using pendulums

One-on-one and group sessions are available. I look forward to sharing space with you soon!

Sending you Much Love!
Karmen 💜

Upcoming Events!

Co-Create Your Passionate Purpose!

Starting April 1st, this is an 8-week virtual course empowering you to co-create your abundant, passionate purposeful life!

What you’ll gain during this course:

  • Connect with your Divine-self
  • Receive tools to connect everyday
  • Understand how everything around you impacts you and how to align with the energies
  • Re-ignite your passions
  • Gain clarity in your direction
  • Enjoy life again!

Get your questions answered on what to expect by either scheduling your FREE 30-minute Discovery Session today, or join the FREE 30-minute webinars:

Register for February 27th

Register for March 12th

Register for March 27th


Desire a deep dive? Let's walk this journey together one-on-one! Details here.

What participants are saying about their experience!

Watch the video and learn how to get re-connected with your inner-Divine-self, re-igniting your passions which leads to your purpose!

Are you an entrepreneur or starting your own company?

Introducing the Co-Creators Mastermind Group!

Spark your creative minds and let's co-create with like-minded entrepreneurs!
Get the details here!
$15/month per person

Watch the video to learn more about the Mastermind Group.

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